Hawkes Bay Star Wars

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 6

After dispatching the remaining Sith Troopers and the hulking genetically engineered soldiers, we were able to get to a platform that gave us a whole two options. This place is not as we expected so far, and that is costing us. Baric is somehow keeping us going, but some of our wounds will start to catch up on us. Master Kraik has already sustained a couple of nasty wounds, but is bravely continuing on.

The platform took us up in this case, as we figured the deck we needed to be on would be in that direction. As we moved up, we were attacked by droids, floating in the air above us and maintaining enough distance to avoid my lightsabers and Master Neraphims fists.

We were reduced to shooting them and relying heavily on Master Brian’s ability to bring them closer to us via the Force. According to Masters Brian and Kraik, these constructs appeared resistant to the Force to a degree, so it was remarkable that we succeeded with as little damage as we took.

Reaching to the top, we found an essentially deserted bridge, only manned with a few non-essential droids. These were quickly ushered out of the way and Baric got to work on the computers. Unfortunately, he had to try and work past a particularly competent AI within the system. Finally he was able to, but the system had very little useful information for us.

While Baric was attempting to hack the computers, Masters Neraphim and Kraik decended to check out the floor below us from the platform. It was reasoned that since both could cloak themselves in the Force, they may be able to bypass any security and get to the secondary bridge.

We are in pursuit now.

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 5

After returning to the Resurgence, we were convened for a council of war.

The Sarlaac Project nears completion and will turn the tide of the war before it even starts. Our only chance now is to attack and destroy it before it is complete. Unfortunately for the rebellion, we do not have enough forces in either personnel or ships, so our best chance is a hit and run, hoping to draw away the defenders of the Sarlaac Project, allowing a small strike force to get onto the defence station that is holding it in orbit.

We are that strike force.

This is an extraordinarily dangerous plan, with an incredibly limited time frame. If we fail, the resistance dies, figuratively and literally.

Master Kraik has offered his ship and we flew off towards our destination. Our path was blocked by three fighters and a gunship. Luckily Master Kraiks ship is both heavily armed and armoured, otherwise we would have perished before arriving. As it is, we only managed to limp there.

The ensuing battle in space was rough. A lack of a dedicated pilot really told against us, but Master Kraik proved up to the task and with Baric maintaining the shields at optimum (another feat that ensured we survived), Master Neraphim and I took full use of the weapons and missiles on board and shot our way clear.

I did feel that it was my destiny to get through, and felt the Force talking to me strongly, guiding my aim for one shot in particular, and trusting in the Force, I aimed where I was guided, and got through the gunships shields and caused enough damage for us to finish it off.

Landing in the hanger should have been safe, but it appears that we have been expected. Massive behemoths wielding mighty vibroaxes accosted us and we have been forced to defend ourselves…

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 4

The time for talking was over. Grand Master Tom had finally revealed himself as the origin of the vast amount of the Dark Side abuse on the planet, and it seemed that he was also able to control several of the Jedi that followed him as well.

He had clearly been preparing for battle, and with powerful use of the Force, ejected me from the training room, and kept me trapped in the air, able to do very little. Luckily, Masters Neraphim and Brian, along with Baric and Kraik were able to maintain pressure on him while avoiding harming the younglings, who were torn between following their master and doing the right thing.

Grand Master Tom’s connection to the Dark Side of the Force was cut off, and this turned the fight heavily in our favour. We were able to knock him out and capture him.

After finally convincing the other Masters on the planet to come with us, we are heading back to Alderaan for a trial under military orders for the fallen Jedi and Grand Master Tom. I also took this moment to recognise what many around us already knew. Kraik had passed trials time and again, and although his path has been rocky, he has the makings of a fine Jedi Knight.

However, upon approaching our ship, we were accosted by Daga the Hutt and his cronies. He was searching for either his ship or compensation in the form of our deaths. Unfortunately for him, the people he surrounded himself with were of low caliber both morally and ability wise and were quickly dispatched.

It is now time to return to the real issue of the galaxy problem of the Sith.

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 3

After the confusion of Kraik’s trial, the gathering masters and apprentices were able to calm down and talk through before everything descended to chaos. As part of the conversation, Master Neraphim suggested an Echani tradition and so her and Grand Master Tom were to have a sparing session.

It ended abruptly, with Master Neraphim seemingly having lost faith in Grand Master Tom’s honesty. In fact, more and more of Kraik’s claims appeared to be true, and while there was no disbelieving his opinion, there was little to back the claims up.

Master Brian was able to convince Grand Master Tom that it would be a good idea to go and talk to the prisoners from when we arrived. The only condition was that he was to go alone. While we all trust in Master Brian’s skills and wisdom, it was still prudent to escort him somehow, so to that end, Kraik cloaked himself in the Force and followed him.

We have yet to work out what transpired down there fully, but it is clear at least that Master Brian was to be ambushed in some manner, and instead, he managed to convince the Younglings to make a decision of their own, and they would like to come with us. Kraik and Master Brian were also able to discover that the prisoners were not in the cells.

As we all gathered together again, it became clear that something was controlling the Masters of this enclave, as most of them faded from consciousness, while remaining upright. They only regained some sense of cognizance when we discussed things that they had previously considered detrimental to the conclave.

It was at this point that Master Brian unless the light side of the Force as a beacon to those of good intent. It also pointed out that there were four who were not, and as they struggled against the light side, they attacked. In self defence, we defeated them, disabling three of the four, and the fourth remains a warning for all Force Users that everybody has power, and Baric was both efficient and precise with his. I believe that shooting display will be a good message to the Younglings about the importance of practicing deflection control with their lightsabers.

As the last dark force user was disabled (with no real answers forthcoming), the training room doors opened and Grand Master Tom stepped through. He was heavily armoured and appeared very different from how he was only a short time ago.

Good Times

We fought, we made new friends. Kraik had his trials and then we fought some more.

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 2

After defending Master Neraphim from what appeared to be sith acolytes, those defending their temple were able to be convinced that we meant no harm. They were somewhat concerned that we had found them at all, and that we felt powerful stirrings of the dark side here. They went on to say that they moved here to protect something (which turned out to be padawans; younglings in fact) and the dark side of the planet was a great mask for them.

We were paired up with various masters and their apprentices and were given some time to train, meditate and learn. I personally picked up an interesting variation on a lightsaber form that I had not seen before.

Master Tom, the Grand Master here then took Kraik under his wing and set up his Jedi Knight trial.

It was at this point that I felt serious misgivings about this place and what it might be doing. Kraik’s trial seemed to be placing him in the path of large amounts of dark side power, and as my padawan, I felt his life might be imperiled. Luckily, I had Masters Brian and Neraphim on hand to confirm the sense I was getting, even if mine was more specific to Kraik through our connection.

I tried to go into the testing room, but was held back by the Masters of this temple. I was able to convince one to look deep into the Force and see more clearly, but the others were blinded by the insidious power suffusing this place.

Master Neraphim convinced one of the other Masters to open the door for us, and it was clear that Kraik was in danger. We immediately moved as a team to both defend him and diffuse the situation. Kraik was dropped from some form of Force control that was suspending him in the air and Baric was looking after him in a flash as he hit the floor hard from a goodly height.

The person Kraik was trialing with appeared to have been a sith infiltrator, according to Master Tom, but I have my thoughts on this place, and I believe that based off Master Blooms reaction when he opened himself to the Force, everybody here might be in danger of losing themselves to the dark side, and for this reason, rather than simply killing the woman, our group actively tried to defend her and see what is really going on.

This situation has potential for much good to come of it, but also something terrible. I believe that we need to get all these people off planet and into the safe hands of the Resistance.

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 1

Barely surviving the battle with Draco, who is assuredly a dangerous threat to the Republic, was coupled with the tragic loss of Master Denia. She heroically channeled herself with the Force to see Draco off and allow us a chance to retreat and re-gather our strength.

Master Denia was given a state funeral by Senator Onasi, where her life was remember and honoured, as she has become one with the Force.

Her last gift to us was a location that she had been seeing visions of. Her visions had led her to a previously hidden Force Training Academy. Her wish was that the last remaining Padawan in our group would receive his trials and hopefully pass and go on to become a Jedi Knight. Thus, with Kraik in mind, we ventured to a little known planet in search of help and training.

As I reached out with the Force, I discovered a strong dark side presence, that seemed to be emanating from the planet itself. Worried about the effect this could have on Kraik, I conferred with my fellow Jedi Masters, Brian and Neraphim.

Brian’s exploration with the Force had given him a much clearer picture, and it seemed that the dark presence was in fact originating from some sort of temple, which was our destination. There are no co-incidences, only the will of the Force as Master Neraphim reminded me. Our own trials involved the use of the dark side against us. How can a prospective knight be truly tested otherwise.

As we were in discussion, our talented and trustworthy companion, Baric, was still concentrating on his task at hand and heard through the comms that there was some sort of confrontation, so as our urging, he flew the ship down quickly to a landing pad and we disembarked, Master Neraphim leading from the front as she is wont to do, via an open hanger door as the craft neared the ground.

At the top of a ramp, led a path down to the entrance to the temple, submerged in the ground. Out of the entrance backed five figures, wielding red bladed lightsabers, being harried by five wielding blades of all hues.

The palpable sense of the dark side was clouding our ability to sense in the Force, so we were required to work out how and who to help. This was made somewhat easier by Master Neraphim being attacked, so at this moment, it is to her side that we rally.

Episode 10: Jaws of the Sarlacc
Jaws of the Sarlacc

Episode X

The galaxy rests on a tipping point as the forces of evil have struck
a devastating blow against the Alderaan Resistance.
Yet all is not lost, and even now the Alderaanian noble Lady Alya Aldrete
has summoned allies and great heroes to take part
in a daring attack on the Sith.
As the fate of the Resistance hangs in the balance, a small band of heroes
has a chance to strike a blow that will echo through the ages,
and show others that even the mighty Sith can be defeated . . .


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