Hawkes Bay Star Wars

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 1

Barely surviving the battle with Draco, who is assuredly a dangerous threat to the Republic, was coupled with the tragic loss of Master Denia. She heroically channeled herself with the Force to see Draco off and allow us a chance to retreat and re-gather our strength.

Master Denia was given a state funeral by Senator Onasi, where her life was remember and honoured, as she has become one with the Force.

Her last gift to us was a location that she had been seeing visions of. Her visions had led her to a previously hidden Force Training Academy. Her wish was that the last remaining Padawan in our group would receive his trials and hopefully pass and go on to become a Jedi Knight. Thus, with Kraik in mind, we ventured to a little known planet in search of help and training.

As I reached out with the Force, I discovered a strong dark side presence, that seemed to be emanating from the planet itself. Worried about the effect this could have on Kraik, I conferred with my fellow Jedi Masters, Brian and Neraphim.

Brian’s exploration with the Force had given him a much clearer picture, and it seemed that the dark presence was in fact originating from some sort of temple, which was our destination. There are no co-incidences, only the will of the Force as Master Neraphim reminded me. Our own trials involved the use of the dark side against us. How can a prospective knight be truly tested otherwise.

As we were in discussion, our talented and trustworthy companion, Baric, was still concentrating on his task at hand and heard through the comms that there was some sort of confrontation, so as our urging, he flew the ship down quickly to a landing pad and we disembarked, Master Neraphim leading from the front as she is wont to do, via an open hanger door as the craft neared the ground.

At the top of a ramp, led a path down to the entrance to the temple, submerged in the ground. Out of the entrance backed five figures, wielding red bladed lightsabers, being harried by five wielding blades of all hues.

The palpable sense of the dark side was clouding our ability to sense in the Force, so we were required to work out how and who to help. This was made somewhat easier by Master Neraphim being attacked, so at this moment, it is to her side that we rally.



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