Hawkes Bay Star Wars

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 2

After defending Master Neraphim from what appeared to be sith acolytes, those defending their temple were able to be convinced that we meant no harm. They were somewhat concerned that we had found them at all, and that we felt powerful stirrings of the dark side here. They went on to say that they moved here to protect something (which turned out to be padawans; younglings in fact) and the dark side of the planet was a great mask for them.

We were paired up with various masters and their apprentices and were given some time to train, meditate and learn. I personally picked up an interesting variation on a lightsaber form that I had not seen before.

Master Tom, the Grand Master here then took Kraik under his wing and set up his Jedi Knight trial.

It was at this point that I felt serious misgivings about this place and what it might be doing. Kraik’s trial seemed to be placing him in the path of large amounts of dark side power, and as my padawan, I felt his life might be imperiled. Luckily, I had Masters Brian and Neraphim on hand to confirm the sense I was getting, even if mine was more specific to Kraik through our connection.

I tried to go into the testing room, but was held back by the Masters of this temple. I was able to convince one to look deep into the Force and see more clearly, but the others were blinded by the insidious power suffusing this place.

Master Neraphim convinced one of the other Masters to open the door for us, and it was clear that Kraik was in danger. We immediately moved as a team to both defend him and diffuse the situation. Kraik was dropped from some form of Force control that was suspending him in the air and Baric was looking after him in a flash as he hit the floor hard from a goodly height.

The person Kraik was trialing with appeared to have been a sith infiltrator, according to Master Tom, but I have my thoughts on this place, and I believe that based off Master Blooms reaction when he opened himself to the Force, everybody here might be in danger of losing themselves to the dark side, and for this reason, rather than simply killing the woman, our group actively tried to defend her and see what is really going on.

This situation has potential for much good to come of it, but also something terrible. I believe that we need to get all these people off planet and into the safe hands of the Resistance.



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