Hawkes Bay Star Wars

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 4

The time for talking was over. Grand Master Tom had finally revealed himself as the origin of the vast amount of the Dark Side abuse on the planet, and it seemed that he was also able to control several of the Jedi that followed him as well.

He had clearly been preparing for battle, and with powerful use of the Force, ejected me from the training room, and kept me trapped in the air, able to do very little. Luckily, Masters Neraphim and Brian, along with Baric and Kraik were able to maintain pressure on him while avoiding harming the younglings, who were torn between following their master and doing the right thing.

Grand Master Tom’s connection to the Dark Side of the Force was cut off, and this turned the fight heavily in our favour. We were able to knock him out and capture him.

After finally convincing the other Masters on the planet to come with us, we are heading back to Alderaan for a trial under military orders for the fallen Jedi and Grand Master Tom. I also took this moment to recognise what many around us already knew. Kraik had passed trials time and again, and although his path has been rocky, he has the makings of a fine Jedi Knight.

However, upon approaching our ship, we were accosted by Daga the Hutt and his cronies. He was searching for either his ship or compensation in the form of our deaths. Unfortunately for him, the people he surrounded himself with were of low caliber both morally and ability wise and were quickly dispatched.

It is now time to return to the real issue of the galaxy problem of the Sith.



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