Hawkes Bay Star Wars

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 5

After returning to the Resurgence, we were convened for a council of war.

The Sarlaac Project nears completion and will turn the tide of the war before it even starts. Our only chance now is to attack and destroy it before it is complete. Unfortunately for the rebellion, we do not have enough forces in either personnel or ships, so our best chance is a hit and run, hoping to draw away the defenders of the Sarlaac Project, allowing a small strike force to get onto the defence station that is holding it in orbit.

We are that strike force.

This is an extraordinarily dangerous plan, with an incredibly limited time frame. If we fail, the resistance dies, figuratively and literally.

Master Kraik has offered his ship and we flew off towards our destination. Our path was blocked by three fighters and a gunship. Luckily Master Kraiks ship is both heavily armed and armoured, otherwise we would have perished before arriving. As it is, we only managed to limp there.

The ensuing battle in space was rough. A lack of a dedicated pilot really told against us, but Master Kraik proved up to the task and with Baric maintaining the shields at optimum (another feat that ensured we survived), Master Neraphim and I took full use of the weapons and missiles on board and shot our way clear.

I did feel that it was my destiny to get through, and felt the Force talking to me strongly, guiding my aim for one shot in particular, and trusting in the Force, I aimed where I was guided, and got through the gunships shields and caused enough damage for us to finish it off.

Landing in the hanger should have been safe, but it appears that we have been expected. Massive behemoths wielding mighty vibroaxes accosted us and we have been forced to defend ourselves…



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