Hawkes Bay Star Wars

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 6

After dispatching the remaining Sith Troopers and the hulking genetically engineered soldiers, we were able to get to a platform that gave us a whole two options. This place is not as we expected so far, and that is costing us. Baric is somehow keeping us going, but some of our wounds will start to catch up on us. Master Kraik has already sustained a couple of nasty wounds, but is bravely continuing on.

The platform took us up in this case, as we figured the deck we needed to be on would be in that direction. As we moved up, we were attacked by droids, floating in the air above us and maintaining enough distance to avoid my lightsabers and Master Neraphims fists.

We were reduced to shooting them and relying heavily on Master Brian’s ability to bring them closer to us via the Force. According to Masters Brian and Kraik, these constructs appeared resistant to the Force to a degree, so it was remarkable that we succeeded with as little damage as we took.

Reaching to the top, we found an essentially deserted bridge, only manned with a few non-essential droids. These were quickly ushered out of the way and Baric got to work on the computers. Unfortunately, he had to try and work past a particularly competent AI within the system. Finally he was able to, but the system had very little useful information for us.

While Baric was attempting to hack the computers, Masters Neraphim and Kraik decended to check out the floor below us from the platform. It was reasoned that since both could cloak themselves in the Force, they may be able to bypass any security and get to the secondary bridge.

We are in pursuit now.



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