Hawkes Bay Star Wars

Master Galraith's Holocron Log 3

After the confusion of Kraik’s trial, the gathering masters and apprentices were able to calm down and talk through before everything descended to chaos. As part of the conversation, Master Neraphim suggested an Echani tradition and so her and Grand Master Tom were to have a sparing session.

It ended abruptly, with Master Neraphim seemingly having lost faith in Grand Master Tom’s honesty. In fact, more and more of Kraik’s claims appeared to be true, and while there was no disbelieving his opinion, there was little to back the claims up.

Master Brian was able to convince Grand Master Tom that it would be a good idea to go and talk to the prisoners from when we arrived. The only condition was that he was to go alone. While we all trust in Master Brian’s skills and wisdom, it was still prudent to escort him somehow, so to that end, Kraik cloaked himself in the Force and followed him.

We have yet to work out what transpired down there fully, but it is clear at least that Master Brian was to be ambushed in some manner, and instead, he managed to convince the Younglings to make a decision of their own, and they would like to come with us. Kraik and Master Brian were also able to discover that the prisoners were not in the cells.

As we all gathered together again, it became clear that something was controlling the Masters of this enclave, as most of them faded from consciousness, while remaining upright. They only regained some sense of cognizance when we discussed things that they had previously considered detrimental to the conclave.

It was at this point that Master Brian unless the light side of the Force as a beacon to those of good intent. It also pointed out that there were four who were not, and as they struggled against the light side, they attacked. In self defence, we defeated them, disabling three of the four, and the fourth remains a warning for all Force Users that everybody has power, and Baric was both efficient and precise with his. I believe that shooting display will be a good message to the Younglings about the importance of practicing deflection control with their lightsabers.

As the last dark force user was disabled (with no real answers forthcoming), the training room doors opened and Grand Master Tom stepped through. He was heavily armoured and appeared very different from how he was only a short time ago.



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